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Stay Cooler in the Summer

You've likely heard that you should change which way your home's ceiling fans rotate when the season's change, but if you're wondering which direction is correct for summer or winter, here are the answers. Stay Cooler in the Summer By defau...

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Protect Yourself From Wire Fraud

Sarah moved with her family from Dallas to a small town outside of Austin and started looking for a house immediately. As many of you know, it’s not easy finding a home in this area, but luckily after a few months, she found a great neighborh...

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Why San Antonio is One of the Best Cities to Retire

San Antonio is a city with a large senior community — 21.9 percent of the city's population consists of individuals aged 55 and older — and it's easy to see why. San Antonio has year-round warm weather, plenty of healthcare options and an a...

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